Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

A Brief outline of the Company’s CSR policy, including overview of projects or programs proposed to be undertaken and a reference to the weblink to the CSR policy and project or programs:


Our CSR Vision

Contribute to the Social and Sustainable Economic Development of the people of India.


Our CSR Mission

Promote socio-economic development in the community through different participatory and need- based initiatives in the best interest of underprivileged sections of the society, so as to help them to become self-reliant for a better future.


Our Activities

The CSR activities we pursue will be in line with our stated Vision and Mission, focused not just around our factory and work places, but also in other geographies based on the needs of the communities in rural areas all across the country.


The focus areas where special Community Development programmes would be run or sponsored to be run are:

1) Eradicating malnutrition

2) Provision of nutrition supplement, clothes etc for the unaffording school going children and other under privileged sections of the society.

3) Supporting nutrition supplement and food items in anganwadi centres and anganwadi workers wherever needed.

4) Promoting sanitation through toilet building, provision of hygiene promoting consumables, making available treated and safe drinking water.

5) Promoting Health care including Preventive Health care through awareness programmes, health check-ups, provision of medicine & treatment facilities , providing pre natal & post natal healthcare facilities, program for preventing diseases and building immunity in children, expectant mothers and senior citizens of society.

6) Conducting or supporting activities of Employment and livelihood enhancing vocational skills and projects including tailoring, beautician, mehandi application, bee keeping, food processing and preservation, vermi-composting and other Life Skill Training and livelihood enhancement projects.

7) Promotion of education especially among children  and the differently abled including:

a)     Non-formal education programmes.

b)     Supporting schools with infrastructure like benches, toilets, potable water, fans etc.

c)     Supporting other educational institutions.

d)     Improving educational facilities in general.

e)     Supporting children for higher education.

8) Promoting gender equality and empowering women including:

a)     Adult literacy for women.

b)     Training in vocations pursued by women.

c)     Setting up old-age homes & other facilities for senior citizens

d)     Setting up day care centers for kids of working women.

9) Rural Development Projects for benefit of general population.

10) Other Activities:

a)   Promotion of Sports with special focus on training for rural sports.

b)   Welfare for differently disabled persons

c)   Welfare of armed forces personnel, war widows and their dependents.

d)   Incidental Activities.

e)   Employing people and incurring other costs to carry out aforesaid activities.

f)    Such other activities as the Board may consider to be appropriate.

g)   Providing Relief measures in case of Natural Disaster or Accidental Mishap.


Our Approach to Implementation

1) Collaborating with various organization, which are registered as a Trust or a section 8 company under the Companies Act, 2013 or Society or NGOs or any other form of entity incorporated in India that specialize in the aforesaid activities.

2)  Contribution to various funds which are aligned with our Vision and Mission e.g.

a)   Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund

b)   Any other fund set up by the Central Government for:

I.     socio-economic development and relief.

II.    for the welfare of Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes, other Backward classes, minorities and women.

c)   Collaborating or pooling resources with other companies to undertake aforesaid CSR activities.


CSR Funds

The corpus for the purpose of carrying on the aforesaid activities would include the followings:

1) 2% of the average Net Profit made by the Company during immediately preceding three Financial Years.

2) Any income arising there from.

3) Surplus arising out of CSR activities carried out by the company and such surplus will not be part of business profit of the company.